Important Notice: Alert on Fraudulent Activity

Dear Visitor,

We urgently need to address a serious issue that may have brought you to our site. A fraudulent network of websites from China is actively using a name deceptively similar to ‘LeggingsOutlet’ in their bank statement identifiers. This tactic is intentionally designed to confuse and mislead their victims.

Be aware that these fraudulent sites lure customers with extremely low prices. However, it has been consistently reported that the customers never receive their purchases. We want to emphatically state that has no association with these transactions or websites.

This exploitation of a name resembling ours has resulted in significant confusion, with many people approaching us about purchases they’ve never made with our company.

If you suspect that you’ve been impacted by this fraud, we strongly advise you to immediately report the illegal transaction to your bank or credit card provider and request a chargeback.

Our Response to the Recent Fraudulent Scheme

In the last two months, our business has faced a challenging situation. The complexity and scale of a widespread fraudulent scheme have compelled us to make an extraordinary decision: the temporary suspension of our current website. This step is essential as we redouble our efforts to address this critical issue.

This situation has not only diverted our attention from our genuine customers but has also negatively impacted customer perception due to the necessary fraud alerts on our website.

Our team has been overwhelmed with addressing concerns and clarifying our non-involvement to these misled individuals. While these visitors are not our direct customers, assisting them in understanding the situation and guiding them towards appropriate recourse actions has become our unintended responsibility.

Understanding the Scam Technique

The scammers are setting up sophisticated fake websites that impersonate well-known brands and advertise them on social media. These sites lure customers with the promise of extremely discounted goods, often featuring products at prices too good to be true. The strategy is to exploit the brand’s reputation and the allure of great deals.

Be aware that the fraudsters are sending inexpensive items like keyrings or cheap rings as a facade for legitimate transactions. When victims purchase goods, instead of receiving what they ordered, they get these low-value items. The scammers use the tracking number of these cheap goods to create an illusion of a legitimate transaction. In case of a dispute, they present this as evidence that the goods were delivered, complicating the victim’s effort to get a refund from their bank.

Examples of Fraudulent Advertisements

When engaging with online sales, it is crucial to scrutinize the source of advertisements, particularly those promising near 80% discounts on products from reputable brands. Be aware that the Facebook and Instagram pages advertising these deals are not affiliated with the official brands, which is a common tactic among scam operations.

Ensure that the advertised URL corresponds with the authentic retailer’s website, watching out for unusual domain extensions that could signal a fake site. The ad’s graphic quality may also be suspect — scam ads tend to have subpar visuals or inconsistent branding when compared to the real brand’s marketing materials. It is imperative to check the page which is promoting the deal and confirm the legitimacy of the offer by visiting the official brand website or contacting their confirmed customer service before proceeding with any purchase.

Examples of Fraudulent Invoices

Please see a collection of invoices that have been forwarded to us by visitors who unfortunately encountered the scam websites. These individuals have alerted us to these fraudulent operations and, in an effort to help others, have shared the invoices they received after placing orders. To protect their privacy, all personal details have been blurred out. It is important to note the uniform appearance of these invoices; despite coming from various supposed vendors.

Our Efforts and Known Fraudulent Websites

Our team is proactively engaging with platforms like Facebook and Instagram to ensure the removal of these deceptive entities. Despite our efforts, we face the challenge of new fraudulent sites emerging under different guises as soon as existing ones are taken down. This cycle complicates our efforts to eliminate their online presence, but we remain vigilant and continue to monitor and report any new instances of fraud.

Please note that the list provided below includes only the brands currently known to us to be impersonated by these scam sites. These websites are part of a larger network deceiving consumers, and we urge our visitors to exercise caution. We encourage you to remain alert and report any suspicious sites you may encounter.

Current List of Known Impersonated Brands

About You, Beauty Bay, Bonmarche, Canada Goose, Cerave, Chico’s, Cult Beauty, Diptyque Paris, Engelbert Strauss, GO Outdoors, Golden Goose, Hollister, House of Fraser, Jack Wolfskin, John Lewis, Laithwaites, Lidl, Majestic Wines, Marks & Spencer, Mint Velvet, Moncler, Mountain Warehouse, Office Shoes, Olaplex, On Cloud, Parajumpers, Peacocks,, Perfume’s Club, Rituals, Schuh, Size?, Sol de Janeiro, Space NK, Sports Direct, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, Waitrose, Yours Clothing, and Zoo Plus

Staying Vigilant Against Online Scams

We are committed to reporting these fraudulent entities and updating this page until they cease their illegal activities and the misuse of our name. We will continue to gather and share information to safeguard our community against these deceptive practices.

Should you have any information regarding the fraudulent activities, please do not hesitate to forward the details and any related screenshots to our dedicated email address: [email protected]

It is vital to stay extremely vigilant when considering purchases through social media platforms. Always remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. We strongly advise that before making any online purchases, you independently search for the brand directly on search engines like Google. This practice can significantly reduce the risk of being misled by a scam website.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and vigilance in these efforts.

The LeggingsOutlet Team